Patricia Bailey-Morgan is the founder and President of Now Outreach Ministry.  She brings twenty- five years of professional teaching Special Needs and Regular Education, entrepreneurial as well as highly robust and extensive academic and volunteer service experiences. Her love and compassion for children grows every day; especially for orphans without a home or direction. This passion is a calling to make a difference in the lives of Special Needs Children to help and equip them to meet their full potential.  It’s this passion which led her to open up her heart and home to foster and adopt children.

Mrs. Morgan worked in a variety of capacities such as:
*Volunteered in hospital helping and counseling pregnant mothers that had miscarriages.
*Tutor children who are slower learners in various subjects.
*Support, foster and adopt orphans.
*Visit and pray for the shut- in, in hospital and nursing homes.
*Led a troop of girl scouts.
*A leader and director in Girls Missionnettes at Gods Battalion Church.
*A teacher at God Battalion Vacation Bible School.
*Volunteered in the food pantry at New Destiny Christian Center and House of David Ministries.
*Volunteered in several children ministries,  evangelized and occasional motivational speaker .


Mrs. Morgan’s educational achievement includes a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology at York Community College; Master of Science in Education and Special Education at Adelphi University; and twenty- five years of experience as a Certified Special Education Teacher.  She holds various certificates in Fostering Hope and Spiritual Counseling.

Mrs. Morgan has a passion to help  Orphans and elderly widows, to share the gospel, and to lead people to the Lord.  Her intention is to donate her time, her wisdom and other resources to Now Outreach Ministry.

Mrs. Morgan has been an enthusiastic giver all her life.  She has been raised in a home where community service and love was the essential ingredient of a fulfilling family life.  She is blessed to be the by-product of Godly parents who met their challenges of the world with dignity and hard work.  Her parent’s motto was ““You must fight the good fight and take on every struggle that is worth winning”.

Mrs. Morgan is an evangelist and a Minister of a wonderful praise and worship Church, HOUSE OF DAVID MINISTRIES, where she has the privilege to volunteer in the Children Ministry,  She has been married for 37 years to Paul Morgan and has raised four beautiful boys.  She is a born again believer for over 27 years and is filled with the Holy Spirit.