President’s Word

One morning while I was praying in my silent moment, the Lord whispered in my ears "You need to have a ministry where you can:

  • *counsel the lost sheep (worldwide into a growing relationship with Lord Jesus Christ,
  • *feed the hungry.
  • *cloth the needy.
  • *be a mother to the motherless.
  • *comfort the widows.
  • *heal the wounds of the broken hearted".


It is just like saying be a fisher of men.

I was not surprised to hear from God because every major move in my life came from a word from God but as I was pondering on how to orchestrate what he said he whispered again “I will order your foot steps”. I started praising him and obediently I grabbed a pad and waited for His instructions.

First, I started playing around with different names as to what to name the Ministry.  He whispered again,   "Name it NOW”.   I laugh and said,   “NOW”, he said,  “Yes, there is power in the  word NOW 
because everything you do in this Ministry is going to happen Now, not yesterday, not tomorrow but  Now”. Amen!!!